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Russia reportedly deployed a new missile, violating a treaty that helped end the Cold Warby Mike Denison
Security & Threats

Russia secretly deployed a new cruise missile, violating an arms treaty that helped end the Cold War, The New York Times reported Tuesday

The missile is the same kind that the Obama administration said in 2014 violated a 1987 treaty that banned American and Russian intermediate-range missiles on land. The Obama administration attempted to stop Russia from using the missile before it finished testing, but the recent deployment shows the missile is fully operational. 

Administration officials said Russia has two battalions of the prohibited cruise missile, which has been dubbed the SSC-8. It was previously called the SSC-X-8 to show it was in testing. 

Each battalion is believed to have four mobile missile launchers. 

The news broke after former national security advisor Michael Flynn resigned in the wake of reports he lied to Vice President Pence about conversations with Russia regarding sanctions.

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