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China warned a US Navy warship on a 'freedom of navigation operation' to leave
Expect to see a lot more security at music festivals in light of the Manchester attack
British bombing came one week after warning from Osama bin Laden's son
Osama bin Laden's son called for lone-wolf attacks on Americans in a new al Qaeda video
ISIS names new chief in Afghanistan to replace its leader killed in U.S. drone strike
Kyle Milliken, 38, identified as the Navy SEAL who died during a raid in Somalia
A Turkish court formally blocked access to Wikipedia to 'protect national security'
China has the leverage to deal with North Korea, but will they use it?
The number of ISIS fighters killed by the 'Mother of All Bombs' has nearly tripled
Nigerian officials foiled a Boko Haram plot to attack UK and US Embassies
Train for jungle warfare with U.S. soldiers in a 360 degree experience
Obama officials now admit they didn't trust their chemical weapons deal with Syria
US intelligence keeps wary eye for Hezbollah retaliation after Syria missile strike
Intel sources say that new terrorist laptop bombs might go undetected at airport security