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France's new president Emmanuel Macron named Edouard Philippe as his prime ministerby Circa News
Global News

A day after being formally installed as the French president, Emmaneul Macron named moderate center-right lawmaker Édouard Philippe as prime minister on Monday, reports The New York Times

Philippe, who is from the center-right party of the Republicans, is also the mayor of a northern city called Le Havre. He was a close political ally of Alain Juppé, the former prime minister who ran for the presidency.

Macron is expected to name the rest of his cabinet by the middle of the week. 

Philippe was not a nationally known figure in France until last week when French media reported that he was one of the main candidates for the post in Macron's cabinet. Cameramen even followed Philippe on motorbikes as he took taxis through Paris. 

Like Macron, Philippe is also younger than most other politicians in the country, went to a top French university, and worked in the pricate sector as a lawyer for American firm Debevoise & Plimpton and as head of public affairs for Areva, a French nuclear power company. 

And despite Philippe's relative obscurity, social media may be soon flooded with experts.

Some on Twitter are upset at the news. 

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