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Sicily's Mount Etna erupted volcanic rocks and steam, injuring at least 10by Circa News
Global News

At least 10 people, including tourists and scientists, were injured Thursday after Sicily's Mount Etna erupted volcanic rocks and steam, according to the Associated Press. The individuals were drawn to the famed active volcano after it had erupted roughly two weeks ago, but were caught off guard when spewing magna hit snow, causing an explosion.

Umberto Marino, the president of the Italian Alpine Club chapter in Catania, was trekking up the volcano in a snowcat when injured people started running in his direction.

"The material thrown into the air fell back down, striking the heads and bodies of people who were closest," Marino said to "Catania Today."

ANSA, the Italian news agency, reported that six people were hospitalized, mostly with head injuries, but none of the injuries were critical.

Among those present on the mountain at the time of the midday explosion were scientists from Italy's volcanology institute. The institute reported that its staff members were among the injured, but didn't have further details.

BBC's global science reporter, Rebecca Morelle, was also at the scene and described the explosion in a series of tweets.

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