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A woman was busted for smuggling a teen refugee inside a suitcase by Circa News
Global News

A woman was caught trying to smuggle a teen refugee into Spanish territory last week by putting him in her suitcase, according to CNN

Authorities told CNN they stopped the 22-year-old woman at the Ceuta border crossing, which is a Spanish enclave in Morocco. 

Border patrol became suspicious when they noticed the woman was carrying her luggage on top of a trolley. 

Officials said the woman seemed "evasive" and nervous while speaking to agents. 

When agents searched her bag, they found a 19-year-old migrant from Gabon inside. 

The teen was quickly offered medical treatment because there was a lack of oxygen in the suitcase, Spain's Civil Guard explained in a statement. 

CNN reports that Ceuta and the province of Melilla are the only European land borders in Africa. Both have been popular among sub-Saharan African migrants who are trying to cross into Europe. 

This isn't the first dangerous method used to sneak migrants across the border, according to the Spanish Civil Guard. 

Monday two migrants from Guinea were rescued when authorities found them hidden in the dashboard and backseat of a vehicle, according to CNN. 

Authorities said the vehicle was stolen in 2015 and had fake Moroccan plates and registration documents. 

United Nations data noted that there are 65.3 million displaced people worldwide, of which, 21.3 million fled their homes as refugees. 

Reuters reports that 800 migrants tried to storm the Ceuta border on New Year's Day. 

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