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The number of Syrian evacuees killed in a bus explosion has increased by dozensby Circa News
Global News

UPDATE April 16, at 11:37a.m.:

The death toll from a bomb attack targeting evacuees leaving besieged Syrian towns has risen to 126, a monitoring group said Sunday.

The blast hit a convoy of buses Saturday, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which reported the higher death toll.

The group also reports another 55 were injured in the attack.

ORIGINAL STORY: At least 100 people have died in Aleppo province after a car explosion ripped through a makeshift bus depot where evacuees were waiting to be transported to government-controlled areas, USA Today reported.

The Syrian Civil Defense -- dubbed the "White Helmets"--said that volunteers removed at least 100 bodies from the blast's site.

WATCH | The Syria Civil Defense responds to the fatal car bombing.

Syrian state media said the death toll was 39, which included civilians and rebel fighters. A rebel official said at least 30 of his fighters died while guarding evacuees. 

President Bashar al-Assad's government placed blame on the rebels for the attack.