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Trump said North Korea 'disrespected' China with second failed ballistic missile test
China is countering the HIV taboo by dispensing testing kits from vending machines
Pope Francis likened refugee centers in Europe to 'concentration camps'
More than 100 Afghan soldiers were killed by a Taliban suicide attack at an army base
Noticeable silence descended upon Venezuela. Many donned white in honor of those killed.
Sec. Mattis said he has 'no doubt' Syria still has chemical weapons
The tables have turned. Russia launched an investigation into US media outlets.
Rescuers saved hundreds of migrants stranded on boats off the coast of Libya
A former Mexican governor was detained in Guatemala on corruption charges
An Egyptian court cleared an American aid worker who spent 3 years behind bars
Turkey's opposition party demanded a recount after a divisive referendum
The number of Syrian evacuees killed in a bus explosion has increased by dozens
Boko Haram abducted 276 girls three years ago. More than half of them remain missing.
VP Mike Pence addressed troops on North Korea's 'provocation' after latest missile launch