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You know how eBay orders seem to take forever? They've got a 3 day delivery plan Natalia Angulo-Hinkson
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On Monday, the faster shipping space got a little more heated.

E-commerce giant, eBay, has revealed in a press release it will begin rolling out a three-day guaranteed-delivery program. The speedy delivery service will be available to consumers in the U.S. beginning this summer.

Amazon set the pace for quick shipping years ago, but now numerous retailers, including Walmart, have introduced similar services in order to compete with the e-commerce titan and meet consumer demands.

"We know we need to continue to up our game on shipping."


"While the majority of items on eBay already ship within 3 days or less, as well as for free, Guaranteed Delivery will give shoppers even faster delivery options and the confidence that their items will arrive on time," Hal Lawton, eBay's senior VP of North America, said.

Lawton also admitted to CNET, "We know we need to continue to up our game on shipping."

The program will be available for over more than 20 million products, which eBay shoppers can specifically search for, filtering out items that don't qualify for three-day shipping.

Shoppers have come to expect faster deliveries and transparency throughout the shipping process. When Walmart announced its program in January, it also lowered the minimum purchase required for free shipping to $35 from $50.

As CNET notes, since eBay doesn't ship directly, it has been more conservative about its delivery estimates to consumers. Although the company says 63 percent of packages sold through its site arrive in three days or less.

The new program will also include tools to enable sellers to increase their transactions. 

What happens if the package fails to arrive within the guaranteed window? The seller and eBay will split the refund shipping costs.