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Bed Bath and Beyond clarified its position on selling Ivanka Trump-branded items by Circa News
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Bed Bath and Beyond will continue carrying Ivanka Trump-branded merchandise, despite a customer service email that circulated online saying otherwise. 

Shannon Coulter, the founder of the #GrabYourWallet movement -- which basically encourages people to boycott retailers who carry Trump-branded products -- tweeted out an email from a Bed Bath and Beyond customer service representative who said the company is no longer carrying Trump merchandise. 

The tweet set off a chain reaction of both celebration and outrage. 

Because of that, the retailer issued a public apology on its Facebook page. 

"We want to apologize for recent confusion caused by one of our customer service representatives," the New Jersey-based company said in a statement Saturday afternoon. "Our customer service representative inadvertently provided information to a customer that was not accurate."

The retailer clarified, noting that the company doesn't make merchandising decisions based on political views. 

"We are not making our merchandising decisions based on anyone's political beliefs," the statement read. "We have Ivanka Trump products in some stores and carry them where consumer demand and business performance justifies it."

Earlier this year stores like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus dropped the first daughter's collection. Nordstrom cited poor sales as the reason for discontinuing her products.