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A 7th person has been reportedly arrested in connection with the Manchester attack
This healthcare CEO gives $100 holiday bonuses to employees. Here's why.
Two people died in a suspected suicide bombing in Indonesia
Trump praised Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte for his murderous crackdown on drugs
Pope Francis gave Trump a letter on climate change during their meeting at the Vatican
Taiwan is set to become the first Asian nation to legalize same-sex marriage
Expect to see a lot more security at music festivals in light of the Manchester attack
The concert bombing is the latest chapter in Manchester's growing history of terrorism
British bombing came one week after warning from Osama bin Laden's son
The World Health Organization (WHO) spends more on travel than it does fighting disease
Turkey summoned the US envoy to discuss 'aggressive' actions against Erdogan's bodyguards
A trophy hunter was crushed to death by an elephant someone in his hunting party had shot
A German aid worker and a guard were killed by gunmen in Afghanistan
Venezuelan protests ramped up as they hit the 50-day mark