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This guy comes to your house and carves LEGO masterpieces into the wallsby Asa Merritt

WATCH|  Miami-based artist Dante Dentoni constructs elaborate installations with LEGOS--inside of walls. The former carpenter spends weeks on his projects, and some of his commissions cost tens of thousands of dollars. 

Dentoni says his love for LEGOS dates back to his childhood in Argentina, where in school he was given blocks to play with. "I remember so vividly the moment the teacher would spread all the blocks on the floor," said Dentoni.

Dentoni's construction background helps him avoid plumbing and electrical components when carving into a wall. It also allows him to install work in galleries--he's equipped to rebuild the wall after the exhibition ends.

"I like to make art in difficult places."

-Dante Dentoni

A piece's location is integral to Dentoni's method. As part of the planning process, he consults with clients about how to best make use of the existing architecture. Clients are asking for increasingly ambitious works. He is in talks about building an installation inside a hotel lobby.

Among his many projects, Dentoni installed a large installation in the massive home of nightlife icon, David Grutman.