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Weed connoisseurs are paying thousands for smokeable art like this AK-47 bluntby Marianna Kheyfets
The Bizarre#bluntart

Tony Greenhand gets paid to make blunt masterpieces. The Albany, Oregon native has gotten so good at creating "smokeable art" that his hobby has now turned into a lucrative business. 

His passion for rolling artistic joints started nine years ago.

He was recently paid $7,000 for rolling three joints shaped like an AK-47, a golden gun and a hand grenade. He wouldn't tell KATU who bought the large joints, only that he or she flew out from Miami to get them "for music people."

The AK joint contained 8 oz of marijuana and took him over 40 hours to complete.

Greenhand's art is in high demand. Orders keep him busy, rolling from sun up to sundown. 

Followers of his chronicles joint rolling adventures view his blunt creation stories in droves on Snapchat (@tonygreenhand). Over the last three years his following has also grown tremendously on Instagram where he now has over 250,000 followers. 

His 4.2 pound watermelon joint even holds a world record for largest joint smoked.

"This is what I love to do. I'd be foolish to not doing. I feel like I'm good at it and honestly it's the best thing I've ever done."

Tony Greenhand

Greenhand's hobby turned into a full time job. He hopes to inspire others to make a career out of something they love to do. "I hope everybody out there who works a job they hate would question it after seeing something like this. They could be doing something they love."