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This Taiwanese politician's funeral included a marching band and loads of exotic dancersby Circa News
The Bizarre

Instead of mourning the death of their popular local councilor, residents of a southern Taiwanese town organized a street parade featuring a marching band and pole dancers,  reports CBS News.

Each Jeep in Tung Hsiang's unconventional funeral procession included a vertical pole and an erotic dancer.

The vibrant array of colors may appear to contradict the solemn tone of a funeral, but Hsiang's family said they wanted to honor the politician who enjoyed "having a good time."

Surprisingly, the practice of hosting these types of funeral isn't all that rare in Taiwan. A booming economy and a more permissive Taiwanese government in the 1980s inspired the cultural phenomenon, according to anthropologist Marc Moskowitz.

Moskowitz wrote on his blog, "The stripping performances started out as something that gangsters did, but generally spread out to become common practice throughout Taiwan. They are primarily associated with the working class or poorer communities. In part, this is because the government has set up restrictions forbidding they perform in large city centres. In part, it is also because the middle class and the elite are more committed to conforming to global cultural norms."

"Now this is what I call a funeral!"

User on Weibo

The jubilant celebration jolted social media users on China's version of Twitter.

These types of funerals may be discouraged by government officials, but they're not illegal. 

But, there are some restrictions, Moskowitz added. 

"It is now illegal to have full nudity at the performances."

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