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A sushi chain boss bought a huge bluefin tuna for $632,000 at an auction in Japanby Circa News
The Bizarre

A Japanese sushi chain boss placed a winning bid of 74.2 million yen ($632,000) for a 212-kilogram (466 pound) bluefin tuna, in what may be the last auction at the current site of Tokyo's Tsukiji market, according to CNBC.

The winning bid Thursday for the prized but imperiled species was the second-highest price ever, after a record 155.4 million yen bid in 2013.

Japan consumes some 80 percent of the 60,000 tons of bluefin caught on average worldwide each year, according to TIME.

Kiyomura Corp. owner Kiyoshi Kimura posed after the predawn New Year auction with the gleaming, man-sized fish, which was caught off the coast of northern Japan's Aomori prefecture. He often wins the annual auction.

WATCH  |  Catching bluefin tuna is a lucrative business in Japan. A single full-grown specimen can sell for 2 million yen, or $20,000, at Tokyo's sprawling Tsukiji fish market.