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Robbers are still ambushing horse drawn carriages. Their targets? Unarmed Amish Asa Merritt
The Bizarre

WATCH| Within the span of only a few days, three Amish horse and buggies were stopped by a gang of robbers. Law enforcement local to Lawrence County in Tennessee jumped on the case, working across departments and quickly apprehending the culprits.

Fox 17 Nashville reported that while the robbers were on their crime spree they blocked roads with a pick-up truck so buggy drivers could neither drive past nor turn around.

The robberies came in such quick succession that the Amish community was on lockdown. People were encouraged to stay at home and lock their doors. 

Because Amish people don't use phones, the waylaid buggy drivers could not call the police. Thankfully, locals could link the pick-up in question with its owner.

The crimes occurred in two different counties. The two police departments worked together, sharing information, to quickly make arrests.