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Needle-laced pizza has unleashed concerns among Canadian dog ownersby Circa News
The Bizarre

Like humans, dogs probably find it difficult to resist the cheesy goodness of pizza. But, in one particular park in Vancouver, dog owners are discovering that their pets are locating abandoned pieces of pizza stuffed with sewing needles, CTV Vancouver reported. Two separate incidents occurred at an off-leash area in Strathcona Park.

In one case, an owner said she noticed her dog chewing on something and spotted a string hanging out of its mouth. Fortunately, she was able to remove the needle-stuffed pizza before any damage was done. 

"I pulled it out, and it was a bundled up piece of pizza that had been sewn together," DJ Larkin told CTV Vancouver on Friday.

Thinking the bizarre incident was isolated, Larkin said she threw the compromised pizza out. However, Larkin explained that she later felt compelled to contact authorities after hearing about another dog who was hurt at the same park. 

This time, though, the dog was injured--having to go under the knife after swallowing a balled-up piece of pizza packed with needles. 

Larkin continued, “It's so upsetting because it's a really popular park for East Van dog owners. I can't imagine any reason to do that except to intentionally injure an animal."

City of Vancouver officials said they are investigating and are urging dog owners to keep a close eye on their canine friends.