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An unlucky woman became a meme when a zoo chimpanzee 'got Grandma' with its own poopby Circa News
The Bizarre#ItGotGrandma

UPDATE April 4, 5:41 a.m. EST:

John Ball Zoo responded to its newfound fame in a Facebook post Monday, clarifying that the woman recording the video was not a zoo employee but a guest.

The zoo said the chimpanzee likes to interact with people. When people laugh or yell in response to its behavior, that encourages it further,  which led to Sunday's poop-throwing incident. 

The zoo also said it would install new barriers to protect guests from airborne feces and "similar situation[s]."

It's not exactly a secret: Apes throw their own poop around. But nobody ever thinks they'll be a target.

But one unsuspecting woman found herself in that unlucky position Sunday. Erin Vargo, an intern working at the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, Michigan, captured a woman getting hit by one chimpanzee's poo-fling. 

In the last few seconds of the video, the poop can be seen hanging off her nose, and a child shouts delightedly, "It got Grandma!"

Since it's baseball's Opening Day, sports deals were on many observers' minds.

The unfortunate woman quickly became part of the Internet's new favorite video.

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