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Some Chinese bathrooms now scan your face to stop you from taking too much toilet paperby Circa News
The Bizarre

China has a toilet paper problem. Specifically, people keep stealing it.

So now some Chinese public bathrooms scan your face to let you take any toilet paper.

It's part of China's self-styled "toilet revolution" to make public bathrooms less gross as travelers demand better facilities.

"We have entered a new era of public tourism. The expectation of the public for the toilet is becoming higher."

Zhan Dongmei, China Tourism Academy

For instance, at the 600-year-old Temple of Heaven, administrators realized they needed to stock bathrooms with toilet paper to get a top rating from the National Tourism Authority. But many customers would hoard toilet paper, fearing it wouldn't be available at the next stall. 

"People come here to have fun, but if the toilets are disgusting, how can they have a good time here?"

Li Xiangyang, vice general manager of Happy Valley

As part of the "toilet revolution," Shanghai opened its first gender-neutral public bathroom in November. 

"Women are stuck waiting in longer lines for stalls than men, and it is fair for women and men to wait in line together," Shanghai resident Zhu Jingyi said. 

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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