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A man gave a library a check to cover books that were 40 years overdueby Circa News
The Bizarre

A library lover who found two books more than four decades overdue at a vacation cabin in Canada is making a donation to cover the late fees at the 1970s-era rate of a nickel a day.

The Minnesota man and his family gave the Maryland library a check for about $1,550 to cover the fees.

Jon Kramer, of Minneapolis, says he was searching through his deceased parents' library last month at their cabin on an island in Ontario when he found a camping book and a cookbook that had been checked out from a Montgomery County library in the 1970s.

Kramer remembered family library trips fondly and sent a $1,552.30 donation.

Kramer says he's keeping the books but is willing to continue paying late fees in the future.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)

Kramer wasn't the only person recently yin hot water over long-overdue books. 

It's obviously a stressful subject for many on social media.