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A tattooed 'Joker' was arrested for pointing a gun at traffic
This town is on fire. It has literally been burning for 55 years and counting.
An obese monkey nicknamed 'Uncle Fat' was placed on a diet after gorging on junk food
A man is suing his date for texting during 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2'
For those who questioned the functionality of Crocs, a Utah teen ran 13.1 miles in them
A man trekked up a snowy mountain to score free pizza. It didn't go so well.
Sorry mom, having a sailor's mouth may actually make you stronger
Worried the new AHCA might kill you? You can now plan to send your ashes to Congress
Dash cam footage shows a topless woman in a mace fight with police
Robbers are still ambushing horse drawn carriages. Their targets? Unarmed Amish folk.
A South Dakota man claims he found a dead mouse in his Coke can
Weed connoisseurs are paying thousands for smokeable art like this AK-47 blunt
Tennis' newest star is a 6-year-old monkey named Riki
A huge iceberg has people flocking to the Canadian town it's towering over