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Want a pair of Pizza Hut shoes? You're not thinking big enoughby Circa Laughs

By now, you've probably heard about Pizza Hut's Pie Tops. It's a pair of shoes that will order pizza to be delivered to you with the touch of a button. How do they work? Why do they exist? You're asking the wrong questions. The right question is: How can we make them better?

As you're already no doubt aware, pizza love is true love. Here you can see some 'za starring in your favorite romantic movies. But be warned: some of these are pretty cheesy.

Here they are. The shoes that started it all. Pizza Hut, we applaud you. (Also, I'm a size 11.5.)

If you're gonna get pizza shoes, you should probably get pizza socks too. It stands to reason, right? Right. You are setting yourself up to have the greatest life ever.