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These people are clearly struggling with their new year's resolutionsby Circa Laughs

We get it: New Year's resolutions are tough to keep. Go to the gym, eat better, meet more people, try to stop making choking gestures when you're talking to Andy at work. Just don't end up like these people who are majorly failing at their New Year's resolutions.

2017 is at a point where it's very young and impressionable. Set a good example for it so it doesn't end up like its troubled sibling, 2016.

In a pinch this is a good way to get out of discussing your resolutions.

These cats all resolved to eat more vegetables, specifically cucumbers. They're not doing so great with that.

When it comes to working out for your New Year's resolution, just remember that it's important just to get out there and try. Just, y'know, try harder than these people.