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These newscasters can't catch a breakby Circa Laughs

It's not easy being a newscaster. If you're not stuck reporting on natural disasters, you've got to deal with fools like these ones interrupting your broadcast. Luckily for us, the shenanigans are caught on camera for our enjoyment.

That's enough of the news; let's throw it over to weather! Here's what meteorologists were expecting for Inauguration Day this year. It turns out that they weren't too far off either.

This poor woman just can't seem to catch a break. Her broadcasts are filled with Freudian slips...or are they? We're starting to think it may be all in her bed...oops! In her HEAD.

Every news outlet suffers their fair share of bloopers, but BBC's have to be the classiest bloopers out there. They're mostly misplaced cameras.