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She thought she was receiving a toy package, instead this woman got 7 pounds of weedby Shaun Mir

WATCH |  As a toy reviewer, Pamela Marks of Valatie, New York, receives tons of toys from major companies. But she noticed something was off when she smelled a "skunk-like" odor emanating from a package sent by toy company, Jakks Pacific. What she found inside surprised her. 

Mrs. Marks registers about 22,000 hits per month on her toy review blog, Marksvilleandme

In the past, she has worked with Jakks Pacific, a Santa Monica based toy company that specializes in toys ranging from Nintendo characters to Disney figurines. After discovering the contents, she contacted her local sheriff's office, who immediately upon arriving at her house smelled the odor of marijuana. It's currently an ongoing investigation with the Columbia County Sheriff's Department.

The contents...

Jakks Pacific has yet to release a statement regarding the mystery of the weed package. 

WRGB Albany, New York contributed to this story.