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What were you doing when you were 12? This kid runs his own toy Jean-Sun Ahn
Feel Good

Watch| There's always those kids who amaze everyone with their maturity, dedication and determination. 12-year-old Eric Vasquez, who loved Lego toys, opened a Lego shop in Tacoma, Washington, all on his own.  

'He runs the store'

You may think his parents just pay for the store, but you're wrong. He pays for the merchandise, rent and sets all the prices. 

'Great customer service'

Vasquez has been in business for 16 months and has already become a local legend. He believes in providing the best customer service so people will spread the word about his 89-square-foot shop called 'Connect the Brick.'


'Donates to cancer patients' 

He even set up a donation site to collect Legos for cancer patients at a local hospital. Doesn't Vasquez make you wish you could go back in time and be 12 years old again?

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