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Meet Robin Hood. He was shot with an arrow and pellets -- and Jean-Sun Ahn
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WATCH |A 4-year-old orange tabby cat was taken in by the Salt Lake County (Utah) Animal Services shelter after it arrived at the facility with an arrow lodged in its neck. The staff at the shelter has nicknamed the cat "Robin Hood," our affiliate KUTV reported. 

“He’s a lucky cat to be alive, that it didn’t pierce his entire neck and kill him."

Callista Pearson, Salt Lake Co. Animal Services

A resident in Millcreek, Utah, discovered Robin Hood on Sunday and notified animal services. The shelter found that the cat had not only been shot with an arrow, but with pellets as well. It appeared to the veterinarian at the shelter that the cat had been walking around for a few days with the arrow lodged in his neck, because skin had grown around it.

Callista Pearson of Salt Lake County Animal Services said whoever abused Robin Hood could be charged with felony animal abuse. Anyone with information is asked to call animal services investigators at (801) 743-7045.

Robin Hood will be sheltered for five to seven days in case someone claims him. If he goes unclaimed, he will be put up for adoption.