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A pizza place married couples all Pi Day long. For free. by Alix Hines, Adam Fleishman
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WATCH  | This couple got married on Pi Day. For free. 

What better way to celebrate Pi Day (you know, like the number 3.14) than by getting married? Or at least that's how the pizzeria &pizza looks at it. 

The pizzeria started hosting Las Vegas-style weddings at some of their locations a few years ago. Now, it's become an annual event and couples apply to get married there.

If selected, &pizza provides the couples with an officiant, photographer, music, food, cake, flowers and a short reception all free of charge. 

Leslie Edsall and Steve Pont, who were one of the many couples to get married at &pizza's Washington, D.C. location Tuesday, said they applied on a whim. 

"Actually, Steve sent me the email advertisement for &pizza as a joke," Edsall explained. "I finally said to him about a week later 'Why don't we give it a shot and send our story in?'"

The couple said they had planned to do a simple court house wedding anyway. 

"When we sent our story in, we got accepted [and] then we started to think seriously about doing it," she said. "It seemed like a lot of fun." 

Pont added that they have always loved pizza so it all kind of just fell into place. 

You can see more photos from &pizza's Pi Day weddings on their Twitter feed.