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These guys used Facebook Live to host a mini telethon and raised $1,000 for a homeless manby Jean-Sun Ahn
Feel Good#Venmore

WATCH| New Yorkers Schuyler Hunt and Francesco Milito, just a couple of regular guys with some spare time, wanted to help a man in need at Union Square Park.

"Hard Times" 

Eric Roster had fallen on some hard times, he recently lost his wife, who had suffered a brain aneurysm and he had been robbed of the little money he had saved for his son's Christmas present. 

Hunt and Milito realized anyone with a phone could set up a Venmo account and they started a Facebook Live to raise money for Roster. Within 48 hours, over $1,450 was raised for Roster. He could hardly believe the kindness of strangers. 

"Winter boots from DSW" 

After hearing about how Hunt and Milito were helping Roster, the manager of DSW provided a 40 percent discount off a pair of winter boots. They delivered the boots to Roster, along with cash from money donated from the "Help-Eric" Venmo account. 

From donations, Roster has been able to purchase groceries and is now acquiring his security guard certification. 


"The Venmore Challenge" 

You can help by donating to the Venmo account @Help-Eric.