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Pastors are switching churches to promote unity and bridge the racial divideby Marianna Kheyfets
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WATCH| Pastors across southeast Texas are hoping for more unity after spending their Sunday in front of new congregations. The movement is called "Not in my City" and this past weekend two pastors from Beaumont, TX swapped pulpits in an effort to bridge racial divides. 

The "Not in my City" movement started after last year's shootings in Baton Rouge and Dallas, with hopes of bridging the gaps between races.

Last year's racial division weighed heavy on the nation. 

"I'm in partnership with others like Pastor Feldschau who are leading us into this. I'm so excited because I believe it is something that is God ordained. "

Pastor John Adolph

Pastor John Adolph from Antioch Missionary Baptist Church and Sr. Pastor Randy Feldschau from Cathedral in the Pines Church switched churches to promote unity and eliminate racism in the community using the power of the God. 

"We right now as a nation have got to come together and perhaps God is going to take 'Not in my City' and use that to heal this racial divide and to bring the people together once and for all."

Sr. Pastor Randy Feldschau

Pastor Feldschau was equally as excited to join the movement. 

"Unity allows for diversity and diversity demands unity", said Sr. Pastor Randy Feldschau when talking about the movement.