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A couple in Wisconsin offered people a free ride to the polls. But not in a car. by Alix Hines
Feel Good

A couple in Mountain, Wisconsin, took an unusual, but way more exciting, approach to getting out the vote Tuesday. 

Quince Mountain and his fiancĂ© Blair Braverman offered up their patriotic husky-powered cart for those in need of a ride to the polls. 

The cart was all decked out in American flags and the team of 13 sled dogs hit the road, en route to the polling station. 

Mountain said the team covered about 11 miles Tuesday and picked up a few people along the way. 

"I mean, it's pretty magical being pulled through a forest by a bounding pack of dogs," Mountain said, explaining the allure. 

At one point they took a wrong turn, but Mountain said they were lucky enough to have the mailman along for the ride and he was able to put them back on course. 

Here's a look at Twitter user Breanne Kanak's ride to the polling station.

Braverman said since they have a cart with seats in it and dogs to pull it, they were excited to offer up the free rides. 

"You know we ran up the highway for part of it," Mountain explained. "People were just like 'What in the world?'" 

The couple said that their polling place had a line so the dogs got to socialize with residents while they waited.