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An artist put 15,000 coins up for grabs by a canal. This is what Asa Merritt

WATCH| Lana Mesic and Jamahl McMurrann left 15,000 2pence coins unattended next to a canal in London. They set up a camera to document how people responded. The experiment started at 9a.m.

When they looked at the footage, Lana and Jamahl found a variety of reactions.

This guy photographed his umbrella lying in the pile of copper. Families and cyclists also stopped by. One kid tried to take the coins away but gave up, deciding they were too heavy.

Eventually, the fun ended. Two guys showed up with bags and took the rest of the coins. By 12:40, the path was empty. there In total, the coins were worth almost $400.

"It's almost like a treasure pile. Like a pirate with a chest of coins. It appeals to something magic," said Mesic.

The Telegraph

The coins were initially part of an installation by artist Lana Mesic. She used to coins to construct a piece called "Penny Tower."

The coin experiment received some good-spirited reactions on social media.