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5 facts you may not know about global climate changeby Asha Stuart

Here are five interesting facts about our changing climate:


NASA just reported that the period from January to June of 2016 was the hottest six-month period on record. Our earth is 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit (1.3 Celsius) hotter than the late 1800s, when record keeping began, according to NASA.


According to NASA, five of the past six months have broken the record for the lowest Arctic sea ice levels since record keeping began in 1979.


According to National Geographic, the Arctic sea ice has shrunk by about 40 percent.


NASA has recorded that the Global Mean Sea Level (GMSL) has risen by 4 to 8 inches (10 to 20 centimeters).


The World Bank estimates sea-level rise will cost coast cities 1 trillion dollars to adapt.

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