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Quiz: Would you be a superhero or a supervillain?
Quiz: How good is your taste in breakfast?
Quiz: This is the ultimate test of your pizza knowledge
Quiz: Can you match these celebrities to the countries where they were born?
Quiz: Do you actually know the lyrics to 'The Star-Spangled Banner'?
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Quiz: Can you tell the dog from the cat?
This impatient dog gets in the driver's seat and honks for his owner to return
The Energy Department's climate office reportedly banned the phrase 'climate change'
A TSA agent missed a loaded handgun in a passenger's carry-on bag
An EPA press release praising Trump's climate order featured a statement bashing it
Krispy Kreme's April Fools' joke has already fooled way too many people
Quiz: Are you coming to my party?
Quiz: Do you take too many Internet quizzes?
Quiz: Which Monopoly token are you?
Quiz: How much do you know about Aziz Ansari?
Quiz: Which cooking show should you compete on?
Quiz: How much do you remember from US history class?
Quiz: How well do you remember these hit songs from the '90s?
Quiz: How weird are your shower habits?
Quiz: What should you eat for lunch today?
Quiz: Can you identify the US state based only on its shape?
Quiz: Can you tell the difference between real and alternative facts?
Quiz: Can you match the 'Star Wars' quote to the character who said it?
Quiz: What do your phone habits say about you?
Quiz: Can you make it through the first day of a new job?
Quiz: How much do you know about this planet?
We can guess your age based on your salad order
John Geils, founder of the J. Geils Band, died Tuesday at the age of 71
A dead bat was found in a bag of prepackaged salad
Selfie Showdown: Vote on Zac Efron's hot ride and Sarah Michelle Gellar's flight of fancy
Selfie Showdown: Vote on two supermodels' tributes to their pro-athlete significant others
'The Last Jedi' trailer and poster made celebrity 'Star Wars' fans freak out on Twitter
California is poised to become a 'sanctuary state' after Trump threatened sanctuary cities
German soldiers are under investigation for 'Heil Hitler' comments and far-right ties
These animals have filthy minds
Subway closed hundreds of locations in 2016