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Julian Assange said WikiLeaks will help tech companies thwart CIA hacking effortsby Circa News

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange announced Thursday the organization would share details of CIA hacking tools to tech companies so they could fix the vulnerabilities the CIA was exploiting.

Assange spoke on Periscope in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London two days after WikiLeaks published what it claims is a massive arsenal of CIA hacking tools. The programs show how the spy agency could turn smartphones and smart TVs into surveillance tools without users ever finding out. 

Here's the full press conference.

USA Today reports the FBI has launched a criminal investigation into the leak dump. The investigation will determine whether the leaks came from an external hack or a leak from within the CIA.  

While the CIA has not commented on the authenticity of the leaks, experts including Edward Snowden have said they appear authentic. Many of the exploits were "zero day" hacks, which represent vulnerabilities the companies were not aware of. When WikiLeaks published its findings, it redacted some critical details of the exploits.

Before the press conference, WikiLeaks polled its Twitter followers on sharing data.

Tech companies have already been busy patching holes. Google announced Wednesday it had already fixed many of the vulnerabilities WikiLeaks published, Recode reports.

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