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This case snaps an Android phone to the back of your iPhone. How about that?by Daniel Bean

WATCH| Yes. This is a thing.

If you've ever thought to yourself, “Man, bummer how my phone is just one, single phone,” then be bummed no more.

The Eye by Israeli company ESTI is a case for your iPhone that has a full-screen, all-functional Android phone on its backside. So it adds a phone to your phone. Seriously.

This is on top of the Eye being a reasonably thin case that brings protection, extra battery life and wireless charging to your iPhone.

Eye’s second screen also taps into your iPhone to provide things like additional storage -- and on-screen file management of that storage -- and a second viewfinder for taking higher quality selfies with your iPhone’s rear camera.

And since Eye adds a whole Android phone to your handset, it brings with it all the Android features that your iPhone don’t have, like Android apps, a universal remote IR blaster, NFC for tap-communication, and even a headphone jack.

The Eye phone accepts SIM cards, too, so you can hook it up to have a data plan and phone number of its own.

According to the Eye Kickstarter campaign page, total funding -- and then some -- has been reached, so we should expect the Eye to be out at the end of this summer.

You can pre-order a case for the special crowdfunding price of $95 ($129 for a 4G data-connected version) through the middle of April. It will retail at a starting price of $189.