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Snapchat just became a whole lot more interactive. So did Circa News

Vomiting actual rainbows just became a whole lot easier with Snapchat's new "World Lenses" feature, which allows users to paint the world with digital 3D objects. The technological upgrade means that objects -- like rainbows or flowers -- will now interact with their real-world surrounds, Mashable noted.

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Snapchat's continued development into the world of augmented reality hasn't gone unnoticed by other tech giants, including Facebook. At its F8 conference on Tuesday, the company announced its future plans to also dabble into augmented reality with the launch of its "Camera Effects" initiative, TechCrunch reported. 

Facebook's founder, Mark Zuckerberg, acknowledged the coincidental timing of its technological upgrade with that of Snapchat's. 

He brushed the criticism aside, saying, "I guess I’m not that worried about that." 

"I mean, I feel like we do different kinds of work in different areas," he continued. 

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