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More than 50 tech companies filed court documents opposing Trump's revised travel banby Circa News

More than 50 tech companies filed legal documents on Wednesday opposing President Trump's revised executive order on immigration. Companies such as Square, Shutterstock, Airbnb, Lyft and Pinterest stood in solidarity with Hawaii--the first state to file a lawsuit opposing Trump's revised travel ban--before the legislation is fully implemented on Thursday, CNN reported.

The companies argue that the ban is unconstitutional and damaging to business.

"President Trump's new travel ban is no different. It will inflict the same substantial and irreparable harm upon U.S. companies and their employees," the filing read.

"Barring people from entering our country because of where they're from is wrong," Chris Lehane, Airbnb's head of global policy, said in a statement provided to CNNTech.

The list is expected to grow, according to a spokesperson for Kickstarter, including Uber and Thumbtack.

However, tech giants like Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft were noticeably absent from the list. They joined a group of more than 100 businesses that opposed Trump's original ban last month.

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