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Google teamed up with PolitiFact, Snopes and others to flag fake news storiesby Circa News

Google joined the growing list of media giants to take measures to combat fake news.

If you ask for information about a hot-button issue, Google will flag fake news stories in its search results with a breakout box that will show information from over 100 fact-checkers like PolitiFact and Snopes about the claim, the person who made the claim, and whether they think it's true.

"If a publisher or fact check claim does not meet these standards or honor these policies, we may, at our discretion, ignore that site's markup."


In a blog post, the company said the push is an effort to help users make "more informed judgements."

However, it is important to note that the new feature will not eliminate false stories from popping up in your search results.

Instead, the company's new breakout box, similar to what you shows at the top of the screen for recipes and medical symptom, will educate users on the topic to help them better navigate and interpret what they click on.

The company rolled out the new fact-check feature on Thursday.