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Facebook announced the 'Facebook Journalism Project,' a collaboration with reportersby Mike Denison

Facebook revealed a new collaborative venture with news organizations called the "Facebook Journalism Project" Wednesday morning.

The program aims to help news organizations use Facebook's formats effectively and profitably as well as to combat fake news.

The project includes three components: collaborating with news organizations for new products, educating journalists and educating the public.

Facebook + journalists

The collaboration with news organizations largely focuses on new ways to present stories on Facebook. One example was Instant Articles that show multiple stories from a news source, rather than just one. It also announced plans to make it easier for publishers to let multiple people at an organization use Facebook Live. 

The announcement also vaguely addressed Facebook "exploring what we can build together ... to support local news." 


Facebook also said it would educate journalists how to use its tools effectively and help verify eyewitness, "raw" video posted to its sites. 

It also reiterated its commitment to promoting news literacy and battling fake news.

"This problem is much bigger than any one platform," the announcement read.

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