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A British cop said cyber-criminals should lose internet access instead of going to prisonby Mike Denison

A top British police officer offered a new punishment for cyber crimes: Instead of sending them to jail, block their internet access.

This would require wrist- or ankle-bound jammers that blocked internet signals, The Telegraph reports.

Gavin Thomas, president of the Police Superintendents' Association, made this remark as traditional crime is falling while cybercrime now accounts for about 40 percent of crimes in the U.K.

"We have got to stop using 19th-century punishments to deal with 21st-century crimes."

Gavin Thomas

Thomas said that while jailing criminals makes people "feel good about themselves," many offenders commit more crimes after being jailed. He proposed the wifi jammers as an alternate solution. Basic models are relatively cheap, The Telegraph reports.

Some observers liked the idea, but saw some apparent flaws.

Others thought it was too kind on offenders.