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Comcast is officially getting into wireless internet with Xfinity Mobileby Mike Denison

Comcast has long been a major player in TV and home internet. But it's just now getting into the wireless game.

The company announced Xfinity Mobile Thursday morning, including an unlimited data option. It also announced compatibility with the new red iPhone 7and 7 Plus. 

The network uses a combination of leased Verizon network space and Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots to provide coverage, The Associated Press reports.

Plan options include an unlimited data plan for $65 per line for up to five months (or $45 a month for customers with other Xfinity packages) or $12 per gigabyte per month. Customers can switch between plans at any time for free.

Xfinity Mobile is set to launch later this year, but rivals already had their claws out.

Some found their sales pitch hypocritical.

But other analysts were impressed with the flexibility in the plans.

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Comcast hopes it doesn't go this badly.

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