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This giant chunk of ice was shaped into a perfect circle in a Washington riverby Circa News

"I was elated to see that the circle was still intact and spinning."

Kaylyn Messer, photographer

No Photoshop here. No human intervention, either.

A chunk of ice broke loose from the Snoqualmie River in Washington state on Saturday. The slow-moving current shaped the chunk into a perfect circle, according to our partners at KOMO.

Now for some science

This circle formed after the top layer of water froze, then got caught in a river eddy. It's not exactly very stable. If you threw a decent-size rock at the ice, it would fall through, meteorologist Allen Schlag told KOMO.

This isn't the first big all-natural ice circle. North Dakota's Sheyenne River had an ice circle way back in 2013. 

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