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An NSA contractor was arrested, accused of stealing code used to spy on other nationsby Circa News

The FBI arrested an NSA contractor who has been accused of stealing classified source code that was used to spy on computer systems used by foreign governments.

The contractor, identified as Harold Martin III, worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, the same firm that once employed Edward Snowden, Gizmodo reports.

However, the code he is accused of stealing may be out of date, sources told The New York Times.

This sounds familiar

It's not yet clear if this is related to the hack that revealed NSA hacking tools back in August.

 The tools, amusingly named things like "Epicbanana" and "Egregiousblunder," were posted online for anyone to use by a group called The Shadow Brokers.

Anyone that paid 1 million bitcoin (about $500 million at the time) would have triggered the release of more files. So far, no takers.

Snowden himself called the hack "huge."

The comparisons between Martin and Snowden came almost immediately.

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