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Are you stressed? This device is for you, if you don't mind sticking things to your Jean-Sun Ahn

Watch| Are you stressed all the time? There's a patch that can help relieve it, that is if you don't mind sticking a patch to your body. Lief Therapeutics created a 'Smart Patch' that syncs your breath with your heartbeat to relieve stress. 

'Smart Patch' 

The 'Smart Patch' releases mild vibrations to help control your stress, using patent, pending bio-rhythm technology, monitoring your heart and breath in real time.

'200 times more accurate than a wrist monitor' 

Smart Patch creator, Rohan Dixit claims that unlike other wearables, such as a wrist monitor, Lief uses a  medical-grade sensor that is over 200 times more accurate.  

The 6 mm patch was designed to fit comfortably, move with your torso and sit under your clothes without it showing through. It has all-day wear stickers so you don't feel restricted and forget you're even wearing the patch. 

'Meditation with training wheels' 

Lief's 'Smart Patch' has up to a seven-day battery life and continues monitoring of your heart every day. While some have described this as a 'meditation with training wheels,' others have doubts regarding the effectiveness of the patch.