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A university gave students the equivalent of 300 cups of coffee. It nearly killed Circa News

Two students participating in a caffeine experiment at Northumbria University in England nearly died after consuming the equivalent of 300 cups of coffee at once, the BBC reported.

Alex Rossetta and Luke Parkin, two sports science students at the university, were admitted to the intensive care unit after an oversight error. The students were suppose to each receive .3g of caffeine, but ended up consuming 30g. 

The incident brought the university to Newcastle Crown Court on Wednesday.

Prosecutor Adam Farrer told the court that the overdose "could easily have been fatal." He noted that death had been previously reported after consuming just 18g. 

Defending the university, Peter Smith emphasized, "that they take the welfare of their students and staff seriously."

The students have made a full physical recovery, though Rosetta had reported that he experienced short-term memory loss.