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The 'Twin Peaks' revival is upon us, so we went to grab a 'damn fine cup of coffee' by Jean-Sun Ahn
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WATCH | "Twin Peaks" came to be a cultural phenomenon when the show premiered in 1990. While it only lasted two seasons, fans of the show are ecstatic of the revival premiering this month on Showtime. 

The upcoming revival presented the perfect opportunity to visit the fictional town of "Twin Peaks," which is actually in North Bend, Washington. The famous R&R cafe featured on the series boasts delicious cherry pie and a "damn fine cup of coffee," according to one of the characters named Agent Cooper.

The diner is 100 percent real. It's now called Twede's Cafe and it sits in the same spot in North Bend. The owner of the diner, William Twede, expressed his excitement about the revival and the many tourists who have come to visit his diner in the recent months. 

"It is black coffee but it's a cup of coffee that you can sit down and drink three or four cups and talk to your friends."

William Twede, Owner of Twede's Cafe

The '90s show featured characters regularly indulging in cherry pie and endless cups of coffee. Twede explained the meaning behind "a damn fine cup of coffee." 

Twede Cafe's cherry pie is made fresh daily and is served warm with a generous helping of whipped cream. 

The diner even sells a "Twin Peaks" map which lists locations where the show was shot. Unfortunately, the "Twin Peaks" sign at the beginning of every episode no longer stands because many people who attempted to steal it, Twede said. All of the spots are about 10 minutes from the diner and easily recognizable. 

You can find a mural of the "Twin Peaks" sign painted on the outside of the diner, and you can get your obligatory "Twin Peaks" picture.