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Universal Studios revealed a teaser of its upcoming Nintendo theme parkby Mike Denison
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Back in 2015, Universal Studios announced it was planning Nintendo-themed attractions in its parks.

On Tuesday, an early sample of what's to come from those parks was revealed in the form of interviews with Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of the Mario and Legend of Zelda games, and Mark Woodbury, head of Universal Creative.

WATCH  | Here's the video, which features Mario jumping out of a pipe next to the iconic Universal globe.

"Since we're really bringing the world to life, I think Mario will feel like he finally came home."

Shigeru Miyamoto

Nintendo-themed attractions will be heading to Universal Studios Japan, Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood. The Singapore park was not mentioned.

Nintendo said in a press release the "breathtakingly authentic" attractions will open "over the next several years."

Twitter, naturally, was very excited about all this.

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