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There are some weird Super Bowl bets this year involving Trump and Lady Gagaby Justin Covington
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The Super Bowl offers a little something for everyone --  for the diehard football fan, the cutthroat Vegas gambler, and even your grandmother. All can wager on a prop bet.

Prop bets -- prop being short for proposition -- usually have little or nothing to do with the final score.

Typical Super Bowl prop bets include the over/under on the duration of the national anthem or whether the coin toss will come up heads or tails. And this year, there are some bizarre wagering opportunities.

There is a prop bet on whether Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will shake NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's hand. Goodell, of course, suspended Brady for the first four games this season over the "Deflategate" scandal following a long legal battle. Brady is out to defend his honor -- and maybe leave Goodell hanging if he wins.

President Trump took to Twitter to back his buddy Brady.

And Trump's Twitter account is the subject of its own prop bet. I'm taking the over.

What color will Lady Gaga's hair be?

The line on blonde is at -400, and any other color could get you $2.50 for every $1 put down, according to the Washington Post.

Will Lady Gaga go all Beyonce and make a political statement? Last year, Beyonce protested against racial profiling and police brutality with her single, "Formation," while she and her dancers sported Black Panther uniforms. Gaga supported Hillary Clinton during the campaign and has spoke out against Trump.

Wagers are being placed on whether Gaga will utter Trump's name. According to SB Nation, the "yes" line is at -140, meaning you'd have to bet $140 to win $100. Betting "no," or against a Trump mention, is at +100.

Speaking of "mentions" -- there is a prop bet on who the Super Bowl MVP will mention first after he is presented with the trophy.

Feeling lucky? A mention of Trump is at +2000; the player's "family" has a money line of +900; his team or teammates, +200; his coach, +900; his owner, +900; God, +200; and no mentions of anything listed here is at +250.

Will the word "lacrosse" be said on TV during the live broadcast?

According to the Washington Post, the line is set at -250 for "yes" and +170 for "no," mostly because Patriots receiver Chris Hogan was a lacrosse player at Penn State. Hogan helped the Patriots reach the Super Bowl by scoring two touchdowns against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship Game.

Players dumping Gatorade on the head of the winning coach is a Super Bowl tradition. What color will be the gatorade shower this year? 

"Clear/water," "lime green," "yellow," and "orange" are all at +300, while "Red" is paying +600 and "Blue" is at +750.