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The Obamas sent out their very last Christmas card from the White Houseby Natalia Angulo-Hinkson
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The Obama family has officially sent out their eighth and very last Christmas card from the White House.

The card features President Obama in a tux and First Lady Michelle Obama and their two daughters, Sasha and Malia in gowns. It also has all of their signatures as well as those of the two first dogs, Bo and Sunny.

According to the Huffington Post, the card was sent to family, friends, supporters and members of the media.

Some recipients shared the cards on Twitter and social media got very excited.

Some people couldn't believe it.

Some people asked the Obamas to stay.

Some wondered what the Trump family's first White House Christmas card would be like.

And other people wondered whether they would get another card anytime soon.

Here's a video of the card to get the full idea.