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Marijuana themed weddings, dubbed 'weedings', are now taking place in Vegasby Jean-Sun Ahn
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Watch| Couples who smoke marijuana can now say their "I dos" while in a hotboxing haze in Las Vegas, through a new take on classic "Little Chapels of Love" known as "weedings."

The Cannabis Chapel on Las Vegas Boulevard does anywhere between one to six weddings a week, affiliate KSNV reported. 

'Weedings' feature two plastic marijuana plants, a smoke machine gently blowing smoke from a joint painted into a cloudy backdrop when the 'I dos' take place.  

The vast majority of the happy couples are tourists, in town to partake in the medical marijuana business. Nevada allows those out of towners to buy medical pot with a card.

The chapel is also home to a new kiosk, which allows tourists to get a card within minutes. The kiosk, which was designed by owner Drew Gennuso. This quick process allows a patient to fill out paperwork digitally and send it to a participating doctor who reviews whether the request is legitimate.


It’s all part of a growing industry designed around expanding marijuana laws in Nevada.